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Subscription Stimulus Package

Up to 20% of your MRR in free software*

We're coming together to bring you the tools, data, and community you need in these turbulent times.

These last few weeks have been tough for SaaS and DTC operators. What's been most impressive are the communities coming together, whether it's your local communities supporting restaurants and healthcare workers or entrepreneurs and operators working together to help one another understand and weather the storm. Now, it's time we come together.

We've launched, along with 80+ partners (and climbing), the Subscription Stimulus Package, where you can get 20% of your monthly recurring revenue in savings on products to help you grow.

For example, this is what you will receive

with an MRR of $500k:

Over the next few weeks, stay tuned for plenty of data for you to understand how the subscription market is shifting, and a community to get all the help you need throughout these times.

We wish that your teams and families stay safe during this difficult time. Come join us, because it's easier, together.

*Terms and conditions apply. Discount is valid to new product purchases and is subject to partner specific limits.
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